Terms & Conditions

1 October 2015

By nature, respect your privacy and your data is the subject of our attention. We are committed to preserving the confidentiality of the information we collect so that you can consult with peace of mind the information and results of studies, saving this information using the best software in their categories and the best computer architecture, best techniques, methods and procedures to which we have access today.

1. Consent to Privacy
By using the Site, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. If changes, these will be effective as of their publication on the Site. Your use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and all amendments.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to enable you to understand how we collect, store, use and protect personal information about you and know your rights regarding such information.

2. What information is collected and for what purpose
During the realization of surveys on the Site and to enable us to offer quality content, you are invited to meet the thematic surveys. On this occasion, you can add personal information, including your name, first name, email address, your function. your industry that will have particularly intended to bring out results tailored to your industry and field of activity.
We may use your personal information for different purposes such as:
- Offer customized benchmarks
- You propose new topics of surveys tailored to your function, your industry or area of ​​activity
- You offer goods and services related to your centers of interests
We may occasionally notify you of events and news available and provide assistance as appropriate.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you can always choose to unsubscribe by following the instructions included in each newsletter.
You must register under your own name.

3. Confidentiality
Squaremetric making efforts to protect the confidentiality of your identity and other information collected from each survey and will not knowingly allow access to this information to anyone else.
You also contribute to the protection of your information. Your login and user access code is confidential and you are required to keep secret and confidential at all times and to take all necessary precautions to keep secret and confidential.

4. Your rights concerning your information
We want to keep information about you as accurate as possible.
You can write us at any time to check, change, get a copy of your personal information and request correction or modification of information provided in this case proof of your identity you will be requested: contact@squaremetric.com

5. Cookies
We can send a temporary cookie when you visit the Site. A cookie is a text file of information that we place in your cookies directory to remember your profile when you revisit the Site. We may use data from cookies to compile statistical data on your use of the Site.